Frequently Asked Questions

Have you ever heard the term "wetter than an otter's pocket"? It's a phrase often uttered in the UK, mainly due to being constantly underwater, and it was imported to Canada much to the delight of the non-British Mosey On contingent.

From there, we just kinda liked the idea of this mellow otter doing his thing, so we took a little trip over to Vancouver Island to see if none other than Sarah King would mind drawing it up. Given how talented she is, she basically nailed it first try and that's what you see as our logo.

While we were over there, she was working on a sign with this 3D typeface for a local coffee shop and I really liked that idea, but with the added waviness to give it more of a sauntering, relaxed vibe.

We won't hold it against you. Just remember to enjoy yourself before you reach the bottom of the trail!

Currently we're not offering any returns. We're a small (read tiny) company, if you can even call us that. We're stoked you would even take a chance on us, so thank you for your support!

His lordship most often likes to be referred to as Ózzy.